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  • Getting Started
    Requirements and your expectations9:05
    Join Our Photoshop Community
    Photoshop vs Adobe Experience Design vs Sketch5:44
    Don’t design any mobile app without this!5:21
    Activity: Design your first app layout – Part 17:00
    Activity: Design your first app layout – Part 27:23
    How much money can you earn as an app designer?3:07
    Preview your designs on your phone4:05
    Optional - Computer requirements8:31
    Discover the differences between Android and iOS apps4:32
  • Best Photoshop Techniques for App Designing
    Set up Photoshop for app designing4:46
    Best settings for an Android project in Photoshop5:33
    Must-know artboard features in Photoshop6:59
    10 Tips to efficiently work with vectors in Photoshop11:22
    Best tips for layer alignment8:16
    Learn to efficiently select layers in artboards7:54
    Exercise: Layer selection and repositioning2:04
    Solve the previous exercise5:46
    Best typography tips for app designing10:16
    Learn how to actually use smart objects7:50
  • Material Design and Essential Android Components
    Introduction to Material Design3:52
    Android interface components overview6:37
    Learn to design the action bar6:38
    The simple guide to sizing components in pixels5:18
    Sizes in pixels & action bar showcase7:49
    Everything you need to know about tabs8:02
    Displaying content in cards5:47
    Beautiful and effective buttons on Android6:55
    Text Fields5:21
    FREE size guide for Android components
  • Food Delivery App
    Introduction to this section4:08
    Understanding the brief and the client's wishes6:54
    Analyze the app’s competitors – Part 17:40
    Analyze the app’s competitors – Part 27:47
    Layout for the location (1) and listing (2) screens7:21
    Layout for the restaurant details (3) screen6:11
    How to make great design choices6:45
    Design concepts for the location screen (1)8:12
    Design concepts for the restaurant listing (2)8:44
    Restaurant listing alternatives (2)9:50
    Final restaurant listing variations (2)6:40
    Design concepts for the restaurant details (3) screen9:42
    Choosing the best typeface8:06
    Define and refine our app’s style8:57
    Finishing touches screen 17:04
    Finishing touches on screens 2 and 35:00
    Section overview2:05
  • Android Icons & Design Principles
    Section introduction1:30
    What do you want to be? A designer or a problem-solver?6:53
    Discover the one thing that ruins all your designs4:34
    UI Icons in Android apps7:16
    Hands-on icons: Create a dashboard panel9:49
    Android Icons: Case studies6:24
    A guide for app design inspiration8:03
    Target audience and the app’s story4:27
    Create a mood board6:14
    Discover what makes an app beautiful5:40
  • The Principles of Color in Android Apps
    Android color fundamentals7:15
    How to use color appropriately3:39
    The principle of color contrast5:38
    The best color schemes from top apps8:17
    Tools for awesome color schemes3:18
    How to implement a color scheme6:11
  • Typography in Android Apps
    Android typography fundamentals6:51
    7 rules for Android legibility4:52
    Guide for perfect font sizing in Android apps5:43
    Typography: what the biggest apps are doing6:18
    How to make lots of text look great7:21
    How to pair fonts correctly6:09
  • Designing iOS Apps
    iOS apps – Overview4:35
    1x, 2x, 3x, PPI, notch?! iOS artboard size guide10:16
    App design comparison: iOS vs Android4:27
    My take on the official UI Kit3:29
    iOS status bar (with/wo Notch)2:49
    iOS Navigation bar5:01
    iOS Tab bar5:44
    iOS Text Fields4:21
    iOS Controls4:01
    Running Android apps on Mac OS8:58
    The official iOS typeface – should you use it?6:40
    iOS conclusions1:31
  • Food Delivery App - Part 2
    Section introduction1:34
    Preparing the PSD for 20 + screens8:49
    Login and registration screens – version 110:15
    Login and registration screens iteration6:50
    Design the right menu9:43
    Design the left menu7:09
    Creating card-based layouts for Addresses and Payments7:05
    Add a payment method – Design a credit card8:00
    Design the Reviews screens8:20
    Create the restaurant’s address and user profile screens5:25
    Making the order history screen & success page4:40
    Create the order details screen9:45
    An overview of our progress1:47
  • Introduction to Adobe XD
    Introduction to Adobe XD (Experience Design)8:53
    Learning XD and setting your expectations4:02
    An overview of XD’s interface5:37
    Getting around in Adobe XD3:52
    Selecting layers in XD6:11
    Shape fundamentals in Adobe XD8:44
    Editing shapes in Adobe XD5:52
    Text fundamentals in XD4:04
    Grid and smart guides3:29
    Pen tool3:55
    Working with photos and masks3:43
    Adobe XD tips & quirks8:20
  • Supercharge your work in Adobe XD
    Optional - Disable Adobe XD's Recording Message on Windows1:49
    From Photoshop to XD5:52
    Create real-life mockups in just a few clicks5:04
    Lightning speed with the Assets panel6:07
    Linked symbols4:45
    Preview and device preview4:32
    Prototyping overview and sharing your design5:03
    Create interactive prototypes5:18
    Prototyping tips and tricks7:56
    Make your app prototype seem real4:19
    The incredible auto-animate and drag3:36
    The Libraries panel2:45
  • How to Work with Mobile App Developers
    Introduction to Zeplin4:30
    What the coder gets out of Zeplin7:52
    From Photoshop to Zeplin to Android Developers7:08
    Anything is possible in Android! Make clients & coders love you10:58
    Design specs through XD4:41
    Exporting from XD3:12
    The best way to work with coders in Zeplin2:49
  • Designing & Prototyping in Adobe XD
    Import and fix the PSD in Adobe XD6:08
    Setting up the prototype3:52
    Prototyping the login and register screens4:24
    Dealing with the City dropdown3:55
    Creating the map interaction8:24
    Finishing the initial screen interactions4:18
    Analyzing our progress4:38
    Recover password and create an account9:28
    Recreate the restaurant listing in Adobe XD3:50
    Creating a search bar4:30
  • Advanced Techniques in Adobe XD
    Connecting the left menu5:18
    Connecting the filters3:08
    Creating an animated tab system for the dish listing9:14
    Creating the app’s routes – difficult!7:32
    Continuing route 1: user registers at the beginning5:57
    Route 2: user registers during checkout6:30
    Route 3: user already has an account7:40
    Restaurant information and reviews2:57
    Fine-tuning and project analysis3:28
    Preparing to export to Zeplin8:11
    Export to Zeplin5:32
  • Final Thoughts from Chris
    Final Thoughts & What's Next4:32

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Chris Barin


Chris Barin is a professional web and app designer with nearly 10 years of Photoshop experience. By being self-taught, he managed to gain the trust of over 150.000 students from all over the world through his Photoshop courses. A staple of his materials is a hand-on, down-to-Earth approach that focuses on getting maximum results with minimal effort. Chris started out as a freelance web designer and built a loyal client base, earning over $50,000 by designing sites part-time. Today, he runs his own Android design studio, 20+ strong, creating fantastic looking apps for clients; his apps have over 100 million downloads to date.


Do you want to design outstanding apps? Impressive prototypes that look like the real deal but without any coding? This course is a master class – a comprehensive approach to mobile app designing. You’ll learn about Material Design, the principles of color, spacing, and typography, tips and tricks, how to get design resources, and much much more. Get a life skill that’s high in demand in today’s job market, all for the price of a fancy coffee.

  • Access 149 lectures & 14 hours of content 24/7
  • Design beautiful mobile apps
  • Create interactive prototypes without any previous knowledge
  • Use Photoshop for mobile app design
  • Explore the principles of Material Design
  • Learn Adobe XD from scratch
  • Prepare all the files for developers through a special program called Zeplin
  • Discover how to size elements correctly on all phone types & sizes
  • Learn typography best practices


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  • Length of time users can access this course: lifetime
  • Access options: web streaming, mobile streaming
  • Certification of completion included
  • Redemption deadline: redeem your code within 30 days of purchase
  • Experience level required: all levels


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